Sunday, October 14, 2012

App Review: Splashtop Streamer

How the onscreen keyboard looks
Every wanted to play Computer games laying in bed? or away from the computer? well now you can on an ordinary iDevice! iPod, iPhone or iPad you can now play games like Volo or Zineth and you can even try games like Call of Duty on your iDevice. All you need to do is buy Splashtop on your iDevice and download it from HERE on your computer, then follow the steps in this photo Click Me, Make sure that you have a xbox or other controller plugged into your computer and you are sure that it works well with that game, this is why I suggest Volo or Zineth. When playing make sure you have fullscreen off as Splashtop does not yet have direct screen access so you need to have the game in windowed mode. Offcourse this can be used for many things like writing a article or using the internet, the onscreen buttons include left and right click, and a full keyboard. No matter how you use this, this app is the best of its kind and I give it a full 10/10 stars, and now some pictures.
Using a controller makes playing games on Splashtop a lot easier.


  1. My Windows laptop will not come out of the low-res screen method it's normally in when I am loading Splashtop to my Kindle Flame. I've even removed Splashtop from my laptop but fire hasn't been.

    1. Okay have you tried accesing your control panel and changing res settings? and did you make sure to run the game in windowed mode?