Friday, May 18, 2012

Appboy App Management Platform

app developmentSorry for the lack of Reviews and App Development tools I have been very busy and will start to make more posts, I will also make more reviews on Apps that make you money because im sure you guys like money. Okay Todays tool is Appboy an all around App Management Platform. Small notices are the platform looks very nice and is very easy to use by all App Developers. This great platform includes User Feedback Management which lets you manage all feedback towards your App, Social Network Integration which lets you connect your App with social network sites, Cross Promotion on different Apps, Interactive Analytics. Some other options include being able to communicate with users through a mini-blog on your App, you can also track user sessions, sharing and click through rates on your content. So App Developers go get your Appboy HERE
App Management

Thursday, May 10, 2012

App Review: App Nana (Earn Money)

First of all sorry for no App Development posts lately they take more time and lately I havent had a lot if it. Anyway I got a special treat today and once a week I will be doing an App Review on Apps which can give you money by doing simple tasks, so today we have App Nana. App Nana is an iDevice App which lets you earn money through one easy task, downloading apps! For downloading 1 App you get 2000+ Nanas, 20,000 Nanas= 1$ Amazon, 1 App Download = 10c, What I do is download like 10 at once and leave my iPad on the table I comeback in around 30m and Wala 1$. They also have 5$ for 90,000 and 10$ for 150,000. If your looking to make 1$ or 2$ a day whenever your bored this is a great way!And if you wanna help me out when you login it will ask you for a referral then type in this code, ec0569851 Not only will it make me 10c/2000 Nanas but it will also make you 10c. Check Out App Nana in the AppStore.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free App Review: Jelly Lander (NOW FREE)

Jelly Lander Review
Todays review and will be on the iDevice App "Jelly Lander HD". This game used to be a dollar but is now free so check it out HERE!. Okay so, this game is very original like many of the Apps I review but thats what I look for, whats the point of review a game that is the same as another that I reviewed and I also try to focus on Apps which are mostly free so that you dont have to spend any money to try it. In this game you are a pilot on a mission to save and protect your planet. You use simple controls and thinking to fly your little jelly man into his/her objective location. Although this game sounds simple it requires logical thinking and the ability to predict whats going to happen next, This game is also a mix of game genres as it includes arcade and adventure type missions. You have to get from point A to point B without damaging and destroying your jelly mans little ship. This game is fun and quite difficult if not very difficult so I am going to give it a 9/10, Check it out in the AppStore if your interested.