Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free App Review: Jelly Lander (NOW FREE)

Jelly Lander Review
Todays review and will be on the iDevice App "Jelly Lander HD". This game used to be a dollar but is now free so check it out HERE!. Okay so, this game is very original like many of the Apps I review but thats what I look for, whats the point of review a game that is the same as another that I reviewed and I also try to focus on Apps which are mostly free so that you dont have to spend any money to try it. In this game you are a pilot on a mission to save and protect your planet. You use simple controls and thinking to fly your little jelly man into his/her objective location. Although this game sounds simple it requires logical thinking and the ability to predict whats going to happen next, This game is also a mix of game genres as it includes arcade and adventure type missions. You have to get from point A to point B without damaging and destroying your jelly mans little ship. This game is fun and quite difficult if not very difficult so I am going to give it a 9/10, Check it out in the AppStore if your interested.

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